Evri For Vinted

Evri, a parcel delivery specialist company, has initiated a collaboration with Vinted, a consumer-to-consumer marketplace in Europe. Vinted predominantly focuses on second-hand fashion. Evri (Hermes) now offers a printing facility in its parcel shops for Vinted customers as well.

Evri and vinted

The partnership between Evri and Vinted began in 2018, leading to the mutual growth of both companies. Now, you can conveniently send Evri parcels through Vinted with printing options available at Evri Parcelshops. This means that Evri shipping labels are accessible for Vinted customers at Evri Parcelshops.

Vinted and Evri Shipping

Use prepaid Vinted-generated labels for Evri to send and receive parcels within the UK. Evri Home delivery ships from a Parcelshop or locker to the buyer’s address, while Evri Parcelshop delivers from a Parcelshop or locker to another Parcelshop.

After a sale, select Evri shipping, click “Get shipping label,” and choose printable or digital. Pack carefully to avoid damage, and send from the nearest Evri location. Track the parcel in the chat; the buyer is notified upon arrival.

When buying, pick Evri Home delivery or ParcelShop, choose your address or pick-up point, pay, and track your parcel. Receive it at home or from your chosen pick-up with a notification. Bring your ID for verification.

How to Print for Vinted Without Printer ?

If you need to print Evri Vinted labels and don’t have a printer, simply go to the nearest Parcelshop and start printing using the Evri printers available there. You can print evri labels easily.

You Should Know About:

From any Evri Parcelshop, you can now scan the QR code, eliminating the need for a printer at home. You can conveniently label and print from the Evri network of Parcel shops. Just find the nearest Parcelshop and easily print your Vinted label.

How to Send Evri Parcel to Vinted?

  1. After obtaining the Vinted label from an Evri store or Parcelshop, pack the item securely.
  2. Take a picture of the item as a backup.
  3. Drop off the parcel at an Evri Parcelshop, locker, or schedule a pickup.
  4. That’s how you can send an Evri parcel to Vinted.

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